Exploring Cyprus provides detailed information about the island of Cyprus.  This site is geared towards those planning to visit or currently living on the island, as well as those simply searching for more information about Cyprus.

Some of the items featured on this blog include the following:
  • Archaeological sites and ancient ruins
  • Monasteries and churches
  • Beaches and mountains
  • Major cities and various villages
  • Museums and educational centers
  • Landmark buildings and monuments
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Festivals and cultural events
  • Travel tips and current news

For the past several years, Elizabeth has lived in the Republic of Cyprus with her husband.  As they continue Exploring Cyprus, Elizabeth primarily updates this blog with their travels and experiences, as well as daily life in Cyprus. 


Hope you enjoy Exploring Cyprus with us!

NOTE:  Travel information is subject to change, particularly prices, opening hours, etc.  When arranging travel details, plan in advance to verify the necessary details.  This blog and those contributing to this site cannot be held responsible for the readers’ experiences while traveling.

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