Feature Requests

The Exploring Cyprus blog welcomes feature requests for sites, activities, restaurants, hotels, and other items related to the island of Cyprus.

The blog posts for requested features are similar to most of the posts on this blog The Exploring Cyprus blog posts tend to provide basic details and an overview, as well as pictures and highlights personal experiences.

Exploring Cyprus will write an honest review with a brief indication that the feature was requested and/or what aspects were received for free and/or paid compensation.  Also, Exploring Cyprus will share these blog posts with its followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin, etc.

In exchange for the requested feature, you or the company that you represent will simply need to cover all the costs required for the two individuals from Exploring Cyprus.

If you have a recommendation for Exploring Cyprus to feature on this blog (or any additional questions and/or comments), please fill out this form or contact exploringcyprus@gmail.com.

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