Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Aphrodite's Rock and Petra tou Romiou Beach

Aphrodite's Rock (also known as Petra tou Romiou) is situated along the shoreline of Petra tou Romiou Beach, and it's about 25 km from the city of Paphos, within the Paphos district of Cyprus.

According to mythology, Aphrodite was born from the waves near the coast of Cyprus.  Then, on a large shell, the winds lead her ashore to a rocky beach.  Tradition claims that the massive rock at Petra tou Romiou Beach marks the location of Aphrodite's birthplace.  Today, this site is a part of Cyprus' Aphrodite Cultural Route.

Another myth claims that Digenis Akrita, a Byzantine hero, tried to destroy enemy ships by throwing very large rocks at them.  Hence, the name, Petra tou Romiou, which translates to Rock of the Greek.

Even without the myths, this site is an intriguing geological formation with the massive rocks.

The Petra tou Romiou Beach is mostly rocky, yet there are some sandy areas along the beach.  Also, there's a nature trail that starts near the Tourist Pavilion.

Parking for this beach is next to the Tourist Pavilion, and there's an underground passageway leading to Petra tou Romiou Beach and Aphrodite's Rock.  All visitors are advised not to cross the highway, instead plan to use the easily accessible underground passageway.

Aphrodite's Rock is a popular tourist destination and a famous landmark for local Cypriot residents.  The Petra tou Romiou Beach is a lovely area to spend a few hours or even an entire day.

Site: Aphrodite's Rock and Petra tou Romiou Beach. 

Category: Nature and Activity. 

Location: About 25 km from the city of Paphos, within the Paphos district of Cyprus. 

Phone Number: N/A. 

Operating Hours: Daylight hours. 

Entrance Fee: Free. 

Date of Visit: 2009 to 2014.

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