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Lefkara Village

Lefkara Village is located about 9 km from Skarinou Village, within the Larnaca district of Cyprus.  It's divided into upper (also known as pano) and lower (also known as kato), so Lefkara actually two villages: Pano Lefkara and Kato Lefkara.

These villages, particularly Pano Lefkara, are traditional Cypriot style villages with cobbled streets and picturesque architecture.

Within Pano Lefkara, there's the Lefkara Local Museum, which will be featured in an upcoming blog post.  Also, there's the Holy Cross Church, which dates back to the 14th century. 

Throughout history, Lefkara has been known for its handicrafts, including silversmithing and making traditional lace, which is called lefkaritika.  Silversmithing in Lefkara dates back to the 19th century, and it's the second main craft in Lefkara.  The main handicraft is lefkaritika, which is the lace cloth that a famous example of Cypriot needlework.

According to a legend, Leonardo da Vinci traveled to Lefkara in 1481, and he purchased a lefkaritika to use at the altar of Duomo di Milano (also known as the Milan Cathedral).

According to the Get to Know Lefkara brochure, "The village took its name from the limestone rocks of the region (Lefka Ori - White Mounts - Lefkara).  The houses in Lefkara, built in traditional architectural style, are always clad with the traditional 'Lefkara Stone' which, along with the clay tiled roofs, give a distinctive look.  Lefkara is well-known almost all around the world for its wonderful embroidery, called the Lefkaritiko Lace.  The women of Lefkara initially embroidered and used these beautiful embroideries to decorate their own houses.  At a later stage however, and towards the end of the 19th century, they realized that these works of art could be sold to decorate the houses of people from the other regions as well.  Lefkara, as a whole, represents a lively museum where the visitor can, in every corner of the village, feel the experience of living in past periods."

The Lefkara Villages, particularly Pano Lefkara Village, are both delightful places to explore for locals and tourists.

Site: Pano Lefkara Village and Kato Lefkara Village. 

Category: Village. 

Location: About 9 km from Skarinou Village, within the Larnaca district of Cyprus. 

Phone Number: N/A. 

Operating Hours: N/A. 

Entrance Fee: Free. 

Date of Visit: 2011.

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