Thursday, May 8, 2014

Laneia Village

Laneia Village (also known as Lania Village) is located along the Limassol-Troodos road in the foothills of the Troodos Mountains, within the Limassol district of Cyprus.

This quaint village features various older photographs on some of the buildings' outside walls, and most of these photographs portray historical significance.

Within the village, there's the Lanitis Museum, as well as the Linos Wine Press and the Eliomylos Museum.  These small museums will be featured in an upcoming blog post.

Laneia Village is considered one of Cyprus' main wine producing villages.  According to tradition, this village received it's name from Lana, the daughter of Dionysos--the Greek god of wine.  Some of the wine products include Zivania, Commandaria, and Soutzoukos.


The primary Greek Orthodox church in Laneia Village is the Panagia Chrysolantissa Church, which is visible from the upstairs room at the Lanitis Museum.  This church was built in the 16th century with the classic basilica style, yet it was renovated in 1903.
On the hillside near Lania Village, there's the Panagia Valana Church, which will be featured in an upcoming blog post.

Laneia Village is a lovely place to explore for both local residents and tourists.

Site: Laneia Village. 

Category: Village. 

Location: About 26 km north of the city of Limassol, within the Limassol district of Cyprus. 

Phone Number: N/A. 

Operating Hours: N/A.

Entrance Fee: Free. 

Date of Visit: 2011.

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