Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Trooditissa Monastery

The Trooditissa Monastery (also known as the Holy Monastery of Troodhitissa and Moni Troditissas) is located near about 8 km from Platres Village in the Troodos Mountains, within the Limassol district of Cyprus.

This monastery was started in 990, yet the current buildings date back to 1731.  Since the Trooditissa Monastery is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, there's a Greek Orthodox festival on the monastery grounds on August 15, which is the Assumption Day holiday in Cyprus.

The Trooditissa Monastery was built on a mountain peak of 1,350 meters in height.  From the monastery grounds, there are beautiful views of the surrounding area, including the Paphos Forest, which will be featured in a future blog post.

Even though there's no entrance permitted to visitors within most of the monastery buildings, the Trooditissa Monastery is a pleasant place to visit, particularly after visiting the Trooditissa Picnic Site.

Site: Trooditissa Monastery. 

Category: Monastery. 

Location: About 8 km from Platres Village and near the Trooditissa Picnic Site, within the Limassol district of Cyprus. 

Phone Number: N/A. 

Operating Hours: Daylight hours. 

Entrance Fee: Free. 

Date of Visit: 2011.

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