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Lanitis Museum

The Lanitis Museum, Eliomylos Museum, and Linos Wine Press Museum are all located in Laneia Village, which is situated in the footballs of the Troodos Mountains, within the Limassol district of Cyprus.

The Lanitis Museum (also known as the Tradition Museum) is the main museum of Laneia Village, yet it's still quite small.  Within the museum's inner courtyard, there's a display of folk art tools and various items.  The upper museum room features photos of a Cypriot family and the neighborhood.

The Panagia Chrysolantissa Church is visible from the upstairs room.  Also, there's a souvenir shop at the Lanitis Museum.

Nearby, there's the Linos Wine Press Museum that features a Linos Wine Press, which is an ancient and authentic wine press that was mainly utilized to produce Commandaria wine.

 This wine press was built in 1822 by Christos Keramos, and it's the only one still around from the seventeen wine presses that used to exist in this village area.  Currently, the Linos Wine Press is housed in a traditional building, which is displayed as a wine production workshop.

According to a sign at the site, when Laneia Village's wine press was used, the process started with spreading dark grapes on vine leafs over the flat rooftop, so the evaporation of water from the grapes increased the sweetness.  After the grapes dried up, they were thrown down through a hole in the roof into a wine-tub.  After the grapes were accumulated, there were bundled under the double lever and covered by heavy, oak planks.

In the middle of the wine press, there's a round shaped rock with a spiral bolt in the center that was fastened and rotated with the suspending end of the lever.  The handle at the base of the bolt was rotated as the levered weight is elevated.  Then, the lever was brought down very slowly on the plank to press the grapes, as the liquid flows through the wine-spot into an earthenware jar that was placed on the ground.  The liquid was transferred into empty jars, so fermentation could be completed.  Later, the process finished with the purification of the Commandaria wine.

Also, in Laneia Village, there's the Eliomylos Museum, which houses an old olive press and corresponding tools.  Eliomylos is Greek for Olive Mill.

The Lanitis Museum, Eliomylos Museum, and Linos Wine Press Museum are quickly visited, yet pleasant places to explore, especially while driving through Laneia Village.

Site: Lanitis Museum, Eliomylos Museum, and Linos Wine Press Museum. 

Category: Museum. 

Location: Laneia Village, which is about 26 km from the city of Limassol, within the Limassol district of Cyprus. 

Phone Number: N/A. 

Operating Hours: N/A. 

Entrance Fee: Free. 

Date of Visit: 2011.

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