Sunday, March 16, 2014

Limassol Municipal Art Gallery

The Limassol Municipal Art Gallery (also known as the Limassol Public Gallery) is a very small art museum located in the city of Limassol, within the Limassol district of Cyprus.

The Limassol Art Gallery features mostly paintings, particularly the works of various Cypriot artists.  The building was officially donated to the Limassol Municipality in 1984, but it was built in 1938.

According the museum's website, "The Limassol Public Gallery presents one of the largest and richest art collections of the Cypriot Modern Art....  Today, there are about 600 works of art in the Limassol Public Gallery which expand on a wide variety of creation (painting, sculpture, pottery, structures made with mixed materials)."

However, the website severely overstates the actual museum.  It was (unfortunately) quite disappointing to visit, particularly due to the lack of work that was featured in a only few small rooms.

Site: Limassol Municipal Art Gallery. 

Category: Museum. 

Location: 28 Oktovriou Street in the city of Limassol, within the Limassol district of Cyprus. 

Phone Number: 25583383 and 25586212. 

Operating Hours: 7:45 AM to 2:45 PM on Monday to Friday. 

Entrance Fee: €2,00. 

Date of Visit: 2010.

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